After the Christmas Festivities were cancelled this year, you may have been trying to make the best of things by looking forward to the Christmas lights switch on. Did you blink? If so I’m afraid you missed it, as Fleet Town Council decided to do it without warning to prevent crowds gathering in the High Street. This follows failed requests for people to stay away from the Remembrance services earlier in the month, with some residents still gathering at the War Memorial.

Here’s a look at the lights if you haven’t spotted them yet and a short video of the tree lights twinkling if you wanted to imagine you were there…


Below: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – 2020 style…

FTC will be putting up a video up of the Christmas lights being switched on at some point, hopefully they will leave it up for more than 24 hours, unlike their usual videos but just in case, we’ll try and pop it on here for you to see as well. So, if you want to relive the full Christmas ‘switch-on’ experience, stick on a bobble hat, spend a fortune on a glow in the dark neon toy and hang around in your garden while watching the video on the phone. Just make sure you have the beers on ice for the trip to the pub (aka the kitchen) afterwards.

If you’re missing the familiar brightly lit chaos of previous years, watch last years switch on ceremony, along with a wander round the market and the stage shows – put it on the TV and pretend you’re there! (watch now!)

Fleet Lions have a slight change to their schedule this year too but don’t worry, you can still see Santa drive his sleigh around Fleet and Crookham, he just won’t be sending his snowman helpers to knock on the door this year. They are also running a colouring competition to win a 92 piece art set in a wooden case, just pop over to their website, download your favourite picture to colour in and deliver it to Father Christmas on his float…click here for more details!

Below: Fleet Lions Christmas Float and Poster Competition

So there we have it…with so many putting their trees and lights up earlier this year, are you in the festive spirit yet?!


For those of you waiting to see the Fleet Town Council video of the Christmas Light Switch on…here it is…



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