Local Icon Passes After Battle with Cancer

by For Fleet's Sake


Yesterday we heard the dreadfully sad news that local icon and our very own Elvis, Dave Hurrell, had lost his battle with cancer.

Dave had been a popular and much loved entertainer, who was a familiar sight at local events including the Christmas festivities in Fleet and was well known for donating all profits he made with his band, to good causes and charities.

In 2018, Dave was diagnosed with colon cancer but true to form, carried on living life to the full and raising money for charity by performing throughout 2019. Then in 2020 he suffered another setback in his health and was eventually given a second diagnosis, this time it was pancreatic cancer and it was inoperable.

Most people would have given up at that point but incredibly, Dave accepted the news and used it to raise even more funds for the Frimley Health Charity and Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care, which currently stands at over £2300 in total. A truly amazing feat by someone that devoted his time and efforts to helping others, despite his own health issues.


Despite being unable to perform on stage, Dave did a series of videos online, including performances from his bed with his son accompanying him on guitar. Dee, Dave’s wife said, “We thought it might give some comfort to some other patients in the same situation. That you can still do what you want, even if it’s in your bed! He thought it might inspire somebody.

Below: Dave’s inspiring last bedside performances on 2nd June and 15th July 2021.


The devastating news that Dave had passed away, brought an outpouring of grief, shared memories and calls for Dave to be remembered for all his good work. Councillor Steve Forster suggested naming a road after him, to acknowledge just how much good he did for the local community, the funds he raised and the smiles he brought to people. If you’d like to support this bid to give Elvis his very own local road name, then please send an email to steve.forster@hart.gov.uk, stating your support for the scheme.

Below: Looking back at our very own Elvis:

Previous articles and videos remembering David Hurrell aka Dave Fontaine…aka our very own Elvis.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope (Alan Hope), leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party was a long time friend of Dave’s and posted this tribute on the party’s website:

Some very sad news. Dale Fontaine one of Britain’s finest Elvis Presley tribute acts has been called to the ‘The Gracelands’ in the sky. He was a very staunch Loony Party member, he had known and promoted Screaming Lord Sutch in the early days. He was also very prominent in raising thousands of pounds for different charities, with his ‘Echo’s of Elvis show’. He was also the star turn in the TV soap/sit com called ‘The Village’. It ran for a long time on Southern Television. He also appeared at our conferences in Hook twice and Fleet, when held in Hampshire. Plus he appeared down in Devon at our party HQ at the time. The Golden Lion Hotel, Ashburton. What made us also smile, was the fact that he could do a very good ‘Tommy Cooper’ act as well. More commonly known locally as Dave Hurrell, and more famously, as Dave the Plumber, that was his trade.


Our condolences and memories are with his family right now.

So long my friend, you will be talked about for years to come, amongst all those that knew you. Give my regards to all our musical friends when you get there.


Your long time friend.

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up by Dave’s family to give him a send off fit for a king. If you’d like to donate, please click the link below:

This time, Elvis really has left the building.

We will miss you Dave, hope you rock that big Graceland in the sky. x


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