With events being cancelled in 2020 and lots of you asking about the upcoming Remembrance Day Services, we’d like to bring you an update on where things stand at the moment. There has also been some discussions about live streaming the event but these are still ongoing. We’ll bring you any updates if and when we know more.

This is a statement from the Fleet, Crookham and District Branch of the Royal British Legion:

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY – Sunday 8th November

In Fleet and Church Crookham, The Royal British Legion is working with Hart District Council, Fleet Town Council and Church Crookham Parish Council to organise COVID-safe events on Remembrance Sunday.

Government issued COVID mitigation advice and guidelines are changing frequently.  As at Monday 12th October it is easier to say what we will not be doing than what we shall.

In Fleet, there will be no service in The Harlington and no parade along Fleet Road.  The timing and format of an act of Remembrance in Gurkha Square remains subject to confirmation.

In Church Crookham, at Gally Hill Road the timing and format of an act of Remembrance also remains subject to confirmation.

This year on Remembrance Sunday we ask members of the public to watch local events online, if streamed, or live on BBC 1, the national Act of Remembrance from the Cenotaph, Whitehall.

Remembrance is year long. Whilst Remembrance Sunday is the annual focus, you can visit anytime the war memorials at either Gurkha Square or Gally Hill Road and take a moment to remember the men and women of Fleet and Crookham who gave their lives in the First and Second World War and wars and conflicts since. This year, please consider visiting either war memorial other than at 11am on Remembrance Sunday.

When arrangements and timings of the events at Gurkha Square, Fleet or Gally Hill Road, Church Crookham are confirmed an announcement will be made via news and social media.

Fleet, Crookham & District Branch – The Royal British Legion

Below: Remembrance Day 2019 in Fleet and Church Crookham.


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