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This site is a personal blog and is run by local Fleet people…for local Fleet people.

It doesn’t require you to sign your life away to join, and we promise not to sell your personal data to the Russians…we just want you to enjoy the site and that’s about it!


Accounts are provided free of charge and are used to prevent spam on the site. This is a public site and so anything you choose to add to your profile will be seen by others – add as much or as little as you like…it’s your choice and your responsibility. You may delete your account and associated data at any time (but we hope you stick with us!).


When you submit information to be featured on the website, such as readers letters, and information for our history archives etc, you acknowledge that this can be viewed publicly and that the information you provide is true and able to be shared by yourself.


This site reserves the right to use cookies to enhance your time here. We promise not to stalk you, or turn up on your doorstep, it’s basic stuff that will help you login etc…pretty boring really.


When you contact us, it stands to reason that you send us your contact information…it would be pretty hard to reply to you otherwise. We have no desire to store this away in a secret vault and do not pass on any information sent to us, so you can rest easy at night.

There is however one exception to that rule…if abusive or personally threatening information is sent to us or our members, then any identifying information may be passed on to the local authorities if deemed necessary.

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