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There are reports of power outages in Fleet today with large areas being affected. The power was lost around approx. 10am and is hoped to be restored by 1pm.

Areas of the High Street are affected and the traffic lights are out at the Oatsheaf crossroads so please take care when driving.

There are also some reports of Virgin Media outages.

Engineers are on scene and working on fixing the problem. To make further enquiries please use the reference FW2383. You can contact Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks on Facebook here.

118 areas are known to be affected, postcodes listed below:

GU13 8XR
GU51 1AA
GU51 1BU
GU51 1GA
GU51 1GB
GU51 1GD
GU51 1GE
GU51 1GF
GU51 1GG
GU51 1GH
GU51 1GJ
GU51 1GL
GU51 1GN
GU51 1GP
GU51 1GQ
GU51 1GR
GU51 1GY
GU51 1HA
GU51 1HH
GU51 1HJ
GU51 1HR
GU51 1HT
GU51 1HU
GU51 1HW
GU51 1HX
GU51 1HY
GU51 1HZ
GU51 1JD
GU51 1JE
GU51 1JF
GU51 1JG
GU51 1JH
GU51 1JJ
GU51 1JL
GU51 1JN
GU51 1JP
GU51 1JR
GU51 1JS
GU51 1JW
GU51 1LA
GU51 1LB
GU51 1LD

GU51 1LE
GU51 1LF
GU51 1LG
GU51 1LH
GU51 3AA
GU51 3BU
GU51 3FE
GU51 3GH
GU51 3NT
GU51 3NX
GU51 3NY
GU51 3QH
GU51 3QP
GU51 3QQ
GU51 3QR
GU51 3QS
GU51 3RP
GU51 3RR
GU51 3SL
GU51 3XP
GU51 3XR
GU51 3YE
GU51 3YF
GU51 3YG
GU51 3YU
GU51 3YX
GU51 3YZ
GU51 4AB
GU51 4AD
GU51 4AE
GU51 4AF
GU51 4AG
GU51 4AH
GU51 4AJ
GU51 4AN
GU51 4AQ
GU51 4AW
GU51 4BU
GU51 4BX
GU51 4BY
GU51 4DL

GU51 4EF
GU51 4EH
GU51 4HJ
GU51 4HR
GU51 4HS
GU51 4JH
GU51 4JJ
GU51 4JN
GU51 4JT
GU51 4JW
GU51 4LG
GU51 4LR
GU51 4PA
GU51 4YA
GU51 5AL
GU51 5BG
GU51 5DJ
GU51 5DP
GU51 5DR
GU51 5DS
GU51 5DT
GU51 5DZ
GU51 5EB
GU51 5FA
GU51 5QG
GU51 5QQ
GU51 5SL
GU51 5TB
GU52 6LQ
GU52 7QL
GU52 7QP
GU52 7UA
GU52 7UD
GU52 7YD
RG27 8XB


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