No New Pub for Fleet as Chain Pulls Out

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When Hart House closed down back in June last year, no one knew who the next occupant of the large, two storey building at the end of Fleet Road would be. Previous owners throughout the years have included a range of pubs, restaurants and even a clothing and haberdashery store but up until recently it was Village Pubs who were planning to be the next occupiers of the building.

“The Village at Fleet” pub had applied for planning permission, designing signage and a new layout for the upcoming new business way back in June 2019. In February 2020, they applied for extended hours for the rear patio to be used but other than that there has been no signs of life in the building.

Now, after a long wait to see Fleet’s latest pub…it appears it isn’t coming after all, as the remaining 11 year lease on the building is offered up for an eye watering £77,150 per annum plus business rates of £40,250.

Below: Details of the sale of Hart House.

This is a PDF file, please scroll through to view:

The ex-pub is one of the older remaining buildings in Fleet, with known occupants dating back to 1908. They share the same freehold owners as The Prince Arthur pub, whose own lease ends in 2032. As the unoccupied building continues its search for a new owner to breath life back into it, it’s starting to look a little neglected and sad.

Below: Longleys were occupants of the building from 1908.

Below: The unoccupied building is started to look neglected. 2020.

So what will the future hold for a building of that size in an era where Covid-19 has decimated the hospitality industry? If not a restaurant or drinking establishment, then will we finally get a big name store in Fleet to draw more people in? It is a concern that the particulars for the building state that “the property is locally listed but does not lie within a conservation area”…will development be allowed after the lease is up? With Hart District Council already making plans to develop that end of Fleet, anything appears to be possible.

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