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Back in August last year, it was announced that a new play park was going to be built at Calthorpe Park. The area, including a new car park, was estimated to cost £269,500 and was to be funded from S106 contributions made by local developers.

During that time there have been questions over the viability of the new project on land which has a tendency to get bogged down and that might possibly encourage antisocial behaviour in the local area – the original details of the project even stated “There may be a minimal increase in unsocial behaviour in the vicinity”. Indeed it appears there have already been issues with youths damaging the area, with security keeping a close eye on things. There were reports of the new area having CCTV installed though, so hopefully that will discourage future issues.

Below: Photos of the new park being built in July this year. Photos: Simon Paul Fenwick.

Work has been seen continuing on the site recently with vans entering the newly created park. The opening announcement was made by Fleet Town Council today, although no images of it have yet been shared.

The original proposals for the park included different zones including a Tiny Zone for toddlers and under 8’s, a Kids Zone for over 8’s, a Woodland Adventure Zone including high rope walks and slides to move through the woodland areas and a Teen Zone with benches, hammocks and sports equipment, an impressive array of activities and ages but will it be popular with everyone…or too popular with some?!

So let’s take a look at the new park!

Below: The newly opened Calthorpe Play Park. Photos: For Fleet’s Sake.

One swing, hand washing signs and limited numbers of children on equipment, all signs of the ‘new normal’…

The play equipment does look attractive and appealing in the new play park and is bound to be a hit with young children and parents alike, the zip lines should also be a hit with the older youth of Fleet as long as they don’t decide to trash the area, as we’ve seen elsewhere.

Some areas are clearly more developed than others but presumably it will be just a matter of time before these settle in…

It does look as though CCTV has been installed so that should hopefully help with the recent anti-social events in Fleet.


For more photos of the new park, click the images below and scroll through the album:

So what’s your opinion of the new park? Will you be visiting soon? Hopefully it will stay a positive area for local children and not be subject to the fires, litter and graffiti we’ve seen elsewhere!


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