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As we all know, these are tough circumstances for businesses to survive in and there has never been a better time to support those around us wherever possible. We’ve seen some amazing initiative and innovation from local people, as they try to adjust their business to keep running while under enormous pressure to survive and in circumstances which no one could have ever imagined.

Today I’d like to take a look at one of those local businesses – Busy Lizzie Fitness and Fun. Now if you think the timing of this outbreak was inconvenient, imagine if you had only just opened your doors…in fact this brand new mums and tots fitness initiative had only been open for one day before classes were advised to close…a devastating hit for someone who was just finding their feet.

Below: Busy Lizzie Fitness and Fun goes virtual!

Faced with such a dilemma, it would have been easy to be despondent but owner Christie Haslett had no intentions of giving up and has instead transformed her business to offer virtual classes for local mums and toddlers with an array of special themed sessions including Baby Music, Mummy & Me sessions, Pregnancy Yoga and more. In fact there’s no excuse not to get moving with a packed timetable running all the way from Monday to Sunday! Christie says:

“It seemed everything was going against me, only opening for one day before classes were advised to close. However the Virtual Service seems to be really helping those new mums, pregnant ladies and mums with toddlers feel part of a community still, as well as giving them some structure to their day to plan around classes and feel good physically and mentally.”

Below: Busy Lizzie virtual timetable.

Christie has made sure that she has covered all bases at Busy Lizzie and offers 22 Live Classes every week (4 Pregnancy fitness, 7 Post Natal Fitness, 6 Baby Classes & 5 Toddler Classes). Plus there is also least one live talk a week given by a 3rd party specialist. So far these have included:
  • Pregnancy and Coronavirus by Dr Will Dooley from Happy Parents Happy Baby
  • Self Care Talk by Silke Thistlewood from Raise Up Mums
  • Eating with What’s in the Cupboard by Annabel Gonifas from Dizzle Sky
  • Managing yourself in Times of Change with Coaching Partners
  • Introduction to HypnoBirthing and Guided Relaxation with All is Well Pre & Post Natal
  • The Post Natal Pelvic Floor with The Mummy Hub 
  • Better Baby Sleep with Saving Sleep
  • Safety Around the House with Daisy First Aid
  • How to Take Better Photos of your children with Leanne du Plessis
  • Introduction to Weaning with Yummy Tummy Nutrition
  • Nappy Workshop with The Nappy Workshop
  • A Guide to Mindful Making and Crafting with Me Made


All classes are streamed via a closed facebook group and all live classes and talks are saved so members can catch up whenever convenient for them. You can also replay your favourites over and over again! The classes are only £20 per month for the ‘Virtual Unlimited Membership’ and you can find all contact details at the end of this article. If you’d like to get a closer glimpse of Busy Lizzie in action, here’s what you can expect!…

Busy Lizzie classes in their first ‘virtual’ week!

With such a huge choice of classes, there is something for all Mums and little ones to enjoy, so why not help support local business…give it a go and have fun at the same time!

Below: Baby Classes – With all baby groups and classes cancelled at the moment, BusyLizzy Fleet have managed to take a huge range of their fab baby classes online for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. There are 6 live streamed classes every week and you can catch up or rewatch your favourites anytime you like.

Below: Mummy & Me Fitness – Wanting to stay active at home after having a baby? BusyLizzy Fleet have highly qualified pre & post natal instructors to help ease you back into fitness.

Below: Toddler Classes – Need help entertaining those little ones and maybe burning off some energy? BusyLizzy have 5 Live classes each week aimed at preschoolers (walking- under 5s).


If you’d like to contact Busy Lizzie, here’s how you can do it!

Email: fleet@busylizzy.co.uk
Phone: 01252 755445

It looks like this new Fleet business is off to an amazing start and we’d like to wish them all the very best luck in the future!


Do you have a local business that needs support during the coronavirus lockdown? Have you changed the way in which you operate on a daily basis to keep running? Then give us a shout! We already run a page on all food outlets offering delivery and takeaways that are currently running and would love to help you too!

Now more than ever it’s about community, so let’s stick together and #MakeFleetHappy!


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