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History is fascinating, especially when it’s on your own doorstep and it doesn’t have to be a million years ago – even seeing a photo of an old shop that no longer exists or an event that beings back happy memories can be immensely powerful.

There are many history groups scattered around when it comes to Fleet, all full of wonderful stories, nostalgic images and details of times gone by…whether that is yesterday or decades ago. We would just like to add a version that is free and easily accessible for all to see – and to add to.

This project is no small task and will be updated as much as possible but we need your help to do it! Every addition to our Fleet History Timeline is another piece in the jigsaw puzzle of our local history and we’d love you to help us build it.

Whether you have a single image from a shop that shut down only a few weeks ago, or a pile of albums going back many years we don’t mind. Even a story about a local personality, a carrier bag or advert from an old favourite store or an old newspaper or magazine! They all form a part of our local area and would help build up an overall picture for others to enjoy and hopefully comment on…and of course we will give full credit to you for sharing your goodies with us!



A colourful and fun little interface to scroll back through important and memorable articles or events in Fleet. (VIEW).

Although this is a relatively recent project, we’re already off to a great start with some really interesting additions!


We are featuring the history of Fleet in two different views…the first is our Timeline, where you can literally scroll back through time, seeing articles, headlines and images from the past.


If you fancy a scroll back through the years, then visit our Timeline by clicking on the image to the left (opens in a new window).


Here, you can search for physical street addresses or business names to look back on the history of a particular location (VIEW).

The main information though is listed in our Places Directory, where those interested can look up the history of a certain address/location in Fleet, or search for the name of a business (past or present).


We will gradually add more and more local details, as time and amount of information permits.


Feel free to take a look at our current archives by clicking on the image…and if you have anything at all that you could help us with, please get in touch!


To make sharing historical information easier without overwhelming our main Facebook group, we’ve created a separate group just to share photos, stories and information about the history of Fleet. We’d love it if you could join us! Just click the banner below to pop on over and say hi!


These are just some of the latest addresses and businesses we’ve listed in our history archives. Main addresses will hold details of all occupants over the years (eventually!) and we also have individual listings to document each business as much as possible.


Do you have anything you’d like to add to our project? If so we would really love to hear from you!

What would you like to add to our archives?
If you have images you'd like to add to the archives, could you please give us an idea of how many there are and what they consist of, so we can arrange a convenient way to transfer these for you!
Credit will be given for each item used on our site, please state the name you would like listed with the details you are providing.

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