Help Find Snakey’s Head!

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‘Snakey’ the Covid-19 snake has become a symbol of hope during the pandemic and has united young and old alike in Fleet as they contributed to his ever growing body, created from painted rocks and stones. The snake was the idea of Jo Hendon, who started the slippery character with the help of her husband Paul and 5 year old daughter Poppy.

Below: The creator of ‘Snakey’ – Jo Hendon with her husband Paul and daughter Poppy.

Jo said, “I just noticed on one of the lockdown family Facebook groups that Oxford and other towns had Covid 19 snakes & were raving about them! So I asked on the ‘Fleet Rocks’ page if there was one locally and there wasn’t but lots of people were interested.”

“Basically that weekend my husband made the snakes head, my 5 year old decorated a few stones and I made a sign. Then we went and put them down, took a few photos, posted on ‘Fleet Rocks’ and then it just went mental!!! – I saw so many older people admiring the snake, it was so heartwarming!!!”


Unfortunately the original head of the snake went missing earlier this month, causing upset to both Jo, as well as the followers of the popular creation.

Below: A post from Jo on Snakey’s Facebook page regarding the loss.

Below: The original head of Snakey which is now missing. Photo: Jo Hendon.

Have you seen Snakey’s head? Did someone pick it up and forget to put it back? Has it got mixed up with other painted rocks you might have at home? It would mean a lot to Jo and her family if anyone could help recover the stone which started it all and put it back in its rightful place – can you help?


Snakey was born at the end of Pondtail Road in Fleet on the footpath that leads to the canal. Unfortunately there have been quite a few stones removed from his ‘body’ too, possibly by those who didn’t realise the significance of the snake. Jo says “Some of the lovely stones have been taken. There is a sign saying to leave them where they are but some of the amazing ones are going missing. Please leave the stones and don’t ‘take from the snake’!…well only photos!”.

Below: The ever-growing Snakey, including the original head piece before it went missing, as well as the green head which someone has replaced it with. Photos: Zoe Peach.

Below: Jo took a video of Snakey to show how it had grown, before he moved to his new home.

When asked about the number of the stones in Snakey, Jo laughed and said “I stopped counting at 800! It is almost the length of the footpath now! I would guess about 1000?!”.


Snakey’s time on the canal path has come to an end now though, as Hart District Council have agreed to home the colourful character in a new and more permanent location as part of a Covid memorial in Fleet. The stones were collected today and will be housed at a later date somewhere in Fleet.

It’s not too late to help though, if you have taken any of the stones by accident and forgotten to return them – especially the head – please, please take this chance to send them back for all to enjoy. There will hopefully be a drop off point arranged for any Snakey stones soon but in the meantime please either message Jo direct (see the Facebook group link at the end of the page), or if you want to drop items off anonymously then please leave under the new ‘Rock Snake’ council sign on the canal path. If you have new stones to add, please hold onto them for now and follow the Facebook group to see where to take them.

But will Jo be sad to see Snakey move on? She says “I will be very sad to see it go and not to walk past Snakey on the school run or going to Sainsbury’s but equally I don’t want it to just gradually disappear and there be nothing left when the council do make the memorial. Thank you to everyone who has contributed I hope we get to see Snakey again soon!”

Below: Snakey has moved to a new home. Photo: Jo Hendon.

You can follow the adventures of Snakey the Covid-19 snake on his very own Facebook page!


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