He’ll Be Home For Christmas!

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It may only be November but Fleet is overflowing with Christmas spirit today as our Festive Favourite is restored once more.

We recently posted the sad news that our very own Elvis (aka Dale Fontaine, aka Dave Hurrrell) had been refused permission to sing in the Hart Centre this year after supporting the festivities for almost 15 years. This was due to shop owners in the centre making complaints about the ‘noise’ levels…a sad sentiment to express at Christmas time.

Having asked Centre Assistant Liza Thornton if an alternative location could be provided and suggesting the old Cafe Giardino site as a possible location, we were told there were already plans for the area and that it would not be an option.

However, the people of Fleet were extremely unhappy about the notion of Christmas celebrations without ‘their Elvis’ and made their views very clear on social media with acknowledgements of his popularity, long term work for charity and huge family and local appeal, confirming that he was the main reason for visiting the centre during the festivities evening.

Below: Dave performing as Elvis in the Hart Centre in 2015.

So we are over the moon to bring you this update…good news! The spirit of Christmas will indeed be returning to Fleet with a change of ‘Hart’ (sorry!) from the centres management team and Dave has been offered the large old Cafe Giardino site to perform this year. After checking with their sound engineer and confirming the details, it’s all go once more and the Elvis show will be back to perform on an even bigger and better stage than before…plenty of room for people, so get on down there and enjoy the show! You can follow Elvis on his Facebook page.

Upon confirmation of the booking, Dave said…

“So happy to be allowed to perform at the festivities! for my crew who do so much for me backstage. And I would like to thank all who left comments and support, it was very emotional! So see you all at festivities on 27th!”

Dave’s wife Dee (Denise) agreed with the sentiments, adding…

“Yay it’s on! Thanks to you and the people of Fleet!”. We are both really happy xx”

Below: Cafe Giardino from above, pictured in February 2019. Photo credit: Elly Russell Photography.

Below: Cafe Giardino November 2019. Photo credit: Ruth Hill.

Centre Assistant Liza Thornton said “All I’d like to say is that “we’re genuinely pleased to have a happy ending”. So get those blue suede shoes on and get ready to boogie with Elvis this Christmas!

We must give huge thanks to Liza for finding a location for Elvis to perform in and responding to public demand to have him appear this year. Thank you for listening!

Now all we need is to see the return of the popular outdoors kiddies rides and maybe the iconic traditional big wheel…here’s hoping the Christmas spirit might make a second appearance and grant our wishes! (We might have an update for you soon!).

The Fleet Christmas Festivities evening is on the 27th November from 2 – 9pm (Elvis time slot to be confirmed later – we will add it here when we know). Hope to see you all there and let’s hope the weather is kind on the night. It may be way too early but what the hell…Happy Christmas Fleet! Xxx


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