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With covid rates growing by the day and warnings of further restrictions ahead, people have been asked to take extra precautions on the run up to Christmas. Despite the fact that Hart currently remains a Tier 2 area at this time though, Hart District Council have made the decision to fund local Covid Marshals to “remind people to wear face coverings and observe social distancing measures”. These will initially be based at the newly opened Edenbrook bike track but will be moving to other areas too.

The decision is a surprising one, not only as Hart is only a Tier 2 but also in light of the fact that Hart District Council are currently facing an overspend of almost £1 million this year, a burden which really doesn’t need to be added to and one which is already likely to result in local tax hikes. So how much is all this costing? Unsurprisingly this has not been part of the official press release although the Government have previously said they would help fund such measures, so let’s hope this decision doesn’t result in increased costs that are passed down to local residents in the long run…


So what are Covid Marshals and what can they do? In a nutshell they can advise and encourage people to adhere to covid restrictions, point people in the right direction and provide advice on how to take the correct precautions. However, they have no actual power of enforcement, so cannot force anyone to follow guidelines. In fact, if there are any problems reported by the new Marshals, it would take a visit from Environmental Health Officers to actually make a difference, something which would take time to arrange and possibly be too late to make any real difference.

Below: Hart District Council Press Release


There have previously been reports in other areas of fake Covid Marshals donning a hi vis jacket and trying to force their way into people’s homes…please be aware that this is a scam and real Marshals will not have the right to force anything, let alone access to your home.

So are you looking forward to the Covid Marshals appearing in Fleet, or do you think it’s a waste of time and money? If people are inclined to ignore government advice, will they really listen to random people in hi vis jackets telling them what to do? CCH Councillor James Radley seems to think it’s a good idea as he stated:

“The Hart community has been very responsible in adhering to Covid-19 advice but it is vitally important that we don’t let our guard down at this difficult time. The marshals will be on hand to offer friendly advice and information to keep everyone as safe as possible when out and about”.

Well, no matter what your views are, you’ll soon be seeing them on a street near you, so make sure you behave, or you might find yourself on the naughty list this year.



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