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It was never going to be the same after popular DJ PG (Peter Gordon) and his co-host Bev left Eagle Radio but the change in format and now the change of logo seems to have marked the end of the line for a lot of listeners. Peter Gordon launched the station back in 1996 with the words “Hey, I’ve landed” and ended his last show 25 years later saying “After landing all those years ago, it’s time for me to take off again. Thank you for listening, and for now it’s cheerio,” before playing The End by The Beatles.

Below: Peter Gordon and Bev from the breakfast show, leave Eagle Radio, 7th August 2020.

Bauer Media announced the takeover of 56 radio stations back in May, as they planned to rebrand 49 of them under a universal banner of “Greatest Hits Radio”, reducing local content. As well as Eagle Radio, other popular stations such as The Breeze, Pirate 70s/80s and Sam FM were part of the merger which many say has caused the stations to lose their identity. Bauer also own many national stations including Absolute Radio, Magic Radio and Kiss FM and will be offering nine different drive time shows that will span seven regions in England– the North West, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, Central, East, South, South West and Wales.

The name has been kept on the Eagle Radio Facebook page but the address of the page has now been changed to GHR radio.

Below: The final nail in the local radio station’s coffin as the familiar logo is replaced with the generic GHR branding.

Angry listeners have made their feelings known over a format they say is outdated and repetitive, while the loss of local support for charities with the Easter Egg and Christmas toy appeals will be sorely missed. The local school updates were also a lifeline for many parents with the closures in bad weather announcements invaluable for many.

Local residents even started a petition to beg the media giant to leave their local station alone but despite getting over 5400 signatures, the takeover went ahead. With the generic indifference of the new station there will be no more Eagle Love Tours (see Eagle Love Tour visits Fleet) and no familiar faces left. In fact, Mr. Keith Dibble, who started the petition to try and save Eagle Radio has probably summed it up very well for a lot of people:

Below: The petition text by Mr. Keith Dibble.

Unfortunately Mr. Dibble’s words fell on deaf ears. So as the last remaining familiar facets take on a new look and a very different sound, are you still listening?


On the 8th September 2020, Eagle Radio’s Facebook page took the final leap into oblivion and changed its name. Bye Eagle Radio…


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