Furry Friends Christmas Charity Challenge 2019

by For Fleet's Sake


So firstly apologies for mentioning the ‘C’ word but like it or not, it’s well on its way now and we had to get this post out to you well before before the big day!

Last Christmas we organised a charity challenge via one of our sister sites, Fleet Chat and Banter and collected goodies from you wonderful people to donate to two charities, including Next Chapter. We’re keeping things a bit simpler this year and have opted to choose a single charity which deals with something very close to our hearts, animal rescue.

Next Chapter Animal Rescue does exactly as the name suggests, it rescues animals in need and allows them to go on and live a brand new chapter in their lives, giving them a second chance at a safe and loving home. But they do more than that.

Below: Luther was handed in with no front legs having been born disabled. With lots of love, some puppy training and a poochy makeover he is proving to be a very happy and loving dog.

Just take a look at NCAR’s Facebook page and you will see the huge range of animals that the charity helps, including injured and abandoned wildlife that other organisations  would just close their eyes to, or simply refuse to treat. In fact if you’ve seen any of the local Facebook pages asking for help with an animal in need, the chances are you will have seen Next Chapter Animal Rescue and its owner Regan Frances Clark tagged and mentioned time and time again.

Below: This is Able. He’s a baby that has no mummy. Next Chapter have taken on two of the large litter to help out the rescue that saved them including his sister Daffodil. They are safe and warm now …and looking for their new forever homes where they will be loved.

Regan runs the sanctuary from her Camberley home and is no stranger to unusual or rare rescues. As well as the usual run of dogs, cats and rabbits, there have also been other rather unique customers at the sanctuary including a cuckoo, a parakeet and even a peacock!

Below: Just a few more of the many animals that Next Chapter Animal Rescue have helped recently; Missy the black cat, an Alexandrine Parakeet, a newly hatched baby duckling, George the gentle giant, a very rare cuckoo, a poorly pigeon, OMalley the one-eyed cat, a stunning peacock and Peter rabbit!…

But rescuing these animals is only half the job, as foster families and adoptive families play an essential part in the story, allowing a (hopefully) happy ending, something that takes even more time and effort to organise.

Like any charity, supplies run out and pockets are never quite deep enough to cope with the constant stream of furry, feathered and other friends that are so desperately in need of help so here’s where we are asking, could you give back a little love this Christmas?

Below: Regan with Sprocket who has just found her new forever home.

Regan says…

“Here at NCAR we receive no government funding, we are open 24/7, 365. We are all volunteers and do not get paid. We are non-profit and no kill. We are the only wildlife rescue still taking in birds in the local area.  Every penny we have to fight for. Every animal that needs us we commit to raising the funds necessary whatever the cost. We take all animals with no discrimination. Old, Infirm sick and injured.  Some of the old ones or sick ones that are difficult to home or have special needs , we keep in the rescue as our lifers. We see to all their requirements and comfort for the reminder of their lives so they know love, a home and warm blanket.”

We’d love you to join our Reverse Advent Calendar Christmas Challenge! The idea is that instead of opening a door on an advent calendar every day this Christmas and getting a rubbery piece of chocolate as a prize, you grab a box and put something in it instead…giving back an item every day instead (you can still keep your rubbery chocolate too of course!). Of course you may want to do something totally different and just hand over a carrier bag with some goodies in…to be honest we don’t think the animals will mind and at the end of the day they are the ones that count!


Next Chapter Animal Rescue is a non profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release or rehome of all animals in need. We help save both Wildlife and Companion Animals from destruction, injury, sickness and death. We are committed to the best possible care plan for each and every animal we can help, no matter what the cost. We offer first aid for wildlife and liaise and work closely with other wildlife centres locally and nationally to ensure successful releases. We fundraise and educate the public on animal care, husbandry, neutering and behaviour.

Our Companion Animals are suitably matched (under contracts) to new homes and families that have passed our stringent application process and home check.

We offer every animal full rescue back up for life and never put down any animal that can be saved.

We ensure all our animals are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Each one is checked and helped by our vets.

We help low income earners, particularly the elderly, afford veterinary costs enabling them to keep their companion animal with them. We offer those in our society on low income, or financially struggling, free neutering and discounts and/or payment plans for expensive operations and vet treatments needed for their Companion Animal, in preference to lack of funds being a reason to ending a Pets life.

We have an accredited and recognised dog behaviourist and trainer who works with any dog and their adopters or with any dog that we feel needs behavioural adjustment before homing.

We advocate and promote the five Freedoms of Welfare for every living being. Companion Animals come to us from Council Pounds and kill shelters, having served their ‘time’, through owner relinquishments, (divorce, house moves, new baby etc), abandonment, neglect and from local vets.

Wildlife comes to us from Vets, the public, injured, sick or too young to survive alone. We offer sanctuary, medical first aid, long term care and rehabilitation time.We try never to refuse an animal that needs us.

Regan Frances Clark
Next Chapter Animal Rescue


We are passionate about animals and would really love to make this Christmas a happy one for some that are in desperate need of a second chance in life…and we really need your help to do it. We have setup a group just to keep track of those who are kind enough to help us this year, so please join us if you would like to contribute! Just CLICK HERE!!

Below: Popping on the festive deely boppers and collecting all your generous donations last year!

Below: Some of the goodies collected for the animals last year

Below: Mr Next Chapter! Posing next to the donations that took over his kitchen when we delivered them!

Below: Next Chapter after receiving their donation last Christmas (see original post).

Our Elves will do their very best to keep things organised as much as possible and arrange collection of your donations from you, delivering them to Next Chapter in time to give them a very Happy Christmas.

So what do we need? well…


  • Donations! Obviously the most important part of it all! We will be organising a ‘wish list’ of supplies from Next Chapter with the items they need the most to make things a bit easier but anything – however small or big would be very gratefully accepted!


  • Elves! Are you able to pickup donations from people and drop off to a central point? (festive deely boppers and embarrassing Christmas jumpers totally optional).


  • Space! – could you act as a drop off point and/or store the items for us? Shop, private home, we don’t mind, as long as you have the room to spare! It would save us a lot of running around and help us get a bit more organised!


  • Shares! – Share, share and share again! Spread the word, keep posting and tell all your friends about this amazing chance to help a wonderful local charity this Christmas.


We would be so grateful for any support you could give..so help us help them and let’s give them a happier Christmas this year x

If you’d like to know more about Next Chapter Animal Rescue, you can visit their Facebook Page or their Website.

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