Fleet Speak! Readers Letters from Fleet, Hampshire



Fleet Speak! Readers Letters from Fleet, Hampshire


Dear For Fleet’s Sake!,

Fleet has many pros and cons but one thing I have noticed is when in need, we all come together as a community and help each other.  Facebook groups are a great way to communicate and we are lucky to have a variety of them, some just for fun and others for more serious subjects.  Yes, we can bicker, joke, laugh and cry together but when it comes to the crunch you will find, like it or not that you are not alone!

There are many kind and thoughtful residents here who want to all get along and make living that little bit happier but as in every area, you will get those who want to ruin it all for others.  I am not going to dwell on those as they do not deserve any time but will concentrate instead on what we love about Fleet.

Freebies!  Everyone loves a freebie and Fleet is great for all sorts of goodies!  As a family with a young son we sometimes found it hard to find fun things to do outside but not now!  We started with joining Fleet Rocks…paint a rock, hide it, find other rocks and re-hide.  Many artists out there are happy for you to keep the odd special rock if your little one finds it a treasure! We have now joined Look For a Book – Fleet, the new craze that is spreading all over the country!  Same principle, find a book, take a pic and share, read then re-hide for others to enjoy!  Free Art Friday Fleet is another good find if you are one of the lucky ones.  Many have also benefitted from a random act of kindness which is so lovely and can bring a much needed smile to someone’s face.

It doesn’t stop there though!  It’s not just about free items you can find. If you are out and about on a weekend and feeling a little fuzzy then we have Fleet Angels who do amazing work in looking after you, there is always someone out there willing to help.

So if you know someone who is feeling a little down try and remember it’s the little things in life that can make a huge difference in someone’s day!





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