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Become a Fleet Supporter with For Fleet's Sake!


So what is it and how do you become one?

It’s pretty simple really. There are some people in life that just aren’t content to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by, they like to get involved in local matters and try to make a difference.

You don’t have to have invented the atom, but if you are a resident of Fleet who cares enough to have fought for its improvement, helped local people, campaigned for change or have a wealth of local knowledge and interesting local stories to share with people, then get in touch!


Perhaps you are involved in a local campaign to better Fleet in some way. You could have an area of local knowledge that would be either interesting or informative for local residents, or you could know all about the history of Fleet and have a series of fascinating stories to tell. This is all about highlighting the people of Fleet and showcasing their talents for everyone to see!

We also welcome local electoral candidates as Fleet Supporters. Just because a local politician may not currently hold a seat, they often have a wealth of information to share and are up-to-date with current issues. It also gives you a chance to get to know them in time for the next local elections if they decide to stand again!

As a supporter, you will get a profile page of your own (just like the Councillor’s ones) and will have the ability to add updates about your projects, or additions to your stories so everyone can follow your progress (and maybe even join in!). We want to help you get your message out there.

This isn’t meant as a short term project and anyone applying for a website profile would have to be committed to staying and  getting involved locally. But, if accepted, you can show your page off with all your details on and add any significant updates as a related post on your page.

If you want to help Fleet, or the people of Fleet…we want to help you!

For Fleet's Sake - Fleet Supporter


Well ok then! Just pop all your details below and tell us a bit about why you think you’d make a great Fleet Supporter!

Just to point out, these applications are for residents of Fleet who do not already have an existing official profile page on the site. Councillors, Council Members and our MP already have these set up for them!


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