Fleet in the 1980’s – A Drive Down Memory Lane

by For Fleet's Sake


The ‘For Fleet’s Sake’ history archives contain some wonderful photographs that people have contributed to the site, as well as information from long hard research! One thing we are lacking though are videos, something which is commonplace nowadays but (as hard as it is to remember!) used to be more of a luxury back in the day and were certainly a lot rarer than they are now.

So you can imagine our excitement when we were lucky enough to have been sent these fabulous videos by Terry Horner, as he tested out his brand new video camera in the mid-1980’s..and how grateful we are that he bought it!

The videos were taken in Terry’s car and come complete with a genuine 1980’s soundtrack! Terry says “My parents had moved to Darby Green and I was trying out my new video camera, so had my long suffering wife record the journey from Basingbourne Road via the A30 to their house!”.

“My family history revolves around Fleet and Church Crookham – My mother was evacuated to Church Crookham during the war and later met my father who was in the RAMC and stationed there. My first school was in Quetta Park and we returned back many times in between forces postings. My wife and I settled in Fleet in 1979 after getting married in the Church of Our Lady, and lived in six houses in Church Crookham and Fleet and taught in local schools before retiring to Norfolk in 2014.”

Below: A drive down memory lane, Fleet in the mid 1980’s – Part 1. Credit Terry Horner

Below: A drive down memory lane, Fleet in the mid 1980’s – Part 2. Credit Terry Horner


Some of the comments from our History Group members, what memories does this bring back for you?

“Wow Freezer Fare was closed by then and Fine Fare! I used to work at Freezer Fare, I walked from Wickham road to work along the canal looked beautiful in spring”Julian Edwards

“Ooh, no Hart Shopping Centre. The biggest difference is the style of cars.”Pauline Warner

“When Thomas Day Motors still had a showroom opposite Sandell Perkins. (Now Travis Perkins).” Richard Field

“Must have been just as they started the Hart Centre as it looks like my Brother in laws shop (Peter Pans) has gone and that was knocked down to form the Eastern entrance.” Chris Vincent

“Can’t believe how quiet the roads are. Waitrose is where McDonald’s is.” Sharon Winstone

“Love this,  takes me right back! Pity they didn’t leave the town like this as a High Street and not build the Hart Centre which is just an empty shell now….love all the old cars…you made a 80’s girl very happy watching this”Debbie Rufus

“I know that when we used to drive along Reading Road South past the Glen Road Esso Service Station, that my Dad could not resist stopping to fill his car up with petrol. . . if only to collect some Tiger Tokens.”Andrea Claydon

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