Can You Help Identify the Attacker?

by For Fleet's Sake


Life isn’t perfect and there are always unpleasant and even cruel people to contend with but the level of cruelty seen by a youth recently, seemingly for fun or entertainment, has shocked local community members.

The Basingstoke Canal Society are asking for help to identify the barbaric actions of a youth, who was seen torturing animals by using a slingshot and throwing things at birds at Zebon Copse in Fleet. Sadly one of the very distressed birds died at the scene and even more disturbing was the fact that the youngster appeared to be recording the death of the poor creature on his phone.

The youngster is described as “white male, around 13-15 years of age, approximately 5’7” in height, slim build, short dark blonde hair, wearing a green oversized camouflage raincoat”. Can you help identify who this was?

Below: Moorhens on the Basingstoke Canal. Photos Basingstoke Canal Society.

The Canal Society put out this post on their Facebook page:

“Death on the canal – this week a baby moorhen was killed by a youth using a slingshot near Poulters Bridge on the canal at Zebon Copse in Crookham Village, Fleet. Let’s identify the youth involved and put a stop to this.

Every little bit can help even if it is just harnessing the power of social media by circulating to others. The more we circulate the better are our chances.

A witness describes the baby screaming and the youth throwing things at the remaining birds. He was challenged but made off on a bicycle along the towpath towards Crookham Wharf. There is some indication he was recording what he was doing.

He had a fluorescent orange slingshot and is described as a white male, around 13-15 years of age, approximately 5’7” in height, slim build, short dark blonde hair, wearing a green oversized camouflage raincoat. The description is good. There is a very good chance that if we give this the circulation it deserves that someone will recognise the description or will have seen something online.

The incident has been reported to the police. If you have any information then report it to the police or PM us and we will pass it on and collate the information to improve our chances of identifying this person.

If you see an incident like this then call 999 or 101 whichever is appropriate. It is a crime. The canal is normally a quiet peaceful place let’s do all we can to keep it that way and protect those on it.

Someone out there will know who this is or have some information that can help. Let’s do all we can to catch them.”

Local councillor Steve Forster commented:

“This is truly awful. I’ll personally put up a £100 reward for the first person who provides a report to police and notifies me (in strictest confidence), which identifies a suspect that then leads to an arrest and successful prosecution or other action.”

Can you help identify who this person was?

The Basingstoke Canal Society can be contacted via their Facebook Page.

Councillor Steve Forster’s Facebook page can be found here.


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