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Back in April, we heard about an amazing group of ladies who were planning to cycle Hadrian’s wall to raise funds for local charity, Sasha’s Project. Fleet’s very own superheroes were determined to turn the sad loss of their friend into something positive, as they pulled on their tutus and leg warmers to raise smiles, as well as funds, for a very worthy cause.

Since then, the mission has been completed and the “Comical Crusaders” have raised over £2700. Now, while they have a very well earned rest, we get to take a look at their amazing journey.

Jackie Sleigh explains what happened on their journey and how they came to meet someone rather unexpected along the way!

Following several months of training, we set off on 20th May to complete our Cycle for Sasha.

We left Bowness-On-Solway on a bright and breezy day, wearing green tutus, capes and leg warmers! On the way we met some amazing people either walking or cycling along Hadrian’s wall, including the one and only Timmy Mallet!”

Below: (L-R) Sue Roff, Penny Davey, Vikki Ewing and Jackie Sleigh – The Comical Crusaders!



So what was it like meeting Timmy Mallet randomly in the middle of nowhere?…

We didn’t recognise him! He was chatting away with us for a couple of miles on his colourful bike and it wasn’t until we got a photo with him and I asked his name did he then say. Lol…I think he was mortified that we didn’t recognise him. He was very bubbly. He is travelling around the U.K. on his bike. Left London in March.”

Below: The Comical Crusaders meet Timmy Mallet!



We travelled through Carlisle following the river and then up towards Brampton embracing our first hill to cycle. We made it, we had completed our first day!


The next day, we left Brampton and this part was challenging to say the least, with steep elevations and at one point a gradient of 14% but we did it and views were spectacular! But we had flower power and a Photo of Chris Hoy to motivate us and help with the hills. We passed Vindolanda Roman fort ruins and climbed the never ending final hill before free cycling down towards Hexham.”

Below: Flower Power helps push the ladies through a tough journey.




Jackie is rather an admirer of Chris Hoy, who isn’t just the second most decorated Olympic cyclist of all time…but also a rather strong motivator when it came to reaching the end of the cycle ride. Jackie said “I just had to look as his lovely face to keep me going, it gave me motivation on the last day!”.

Below: Jackie’s picture of Sir Chris Hoy, taped to her bike for instant inspiration!



On our last day with the end in sight, we were looking forward to our fish and chips on beach in Tynemouth. We did face some obstacles including punctures, bee stings, and saddle soreness! However the feeling of achievement was amazing. We had cycled 100 miles and raised over £2700 for Sasha’s project.”

Below: Facing everything from punctures to exhaustion, the ladies completed the massive challenge.



A massive thank you to everyone who have donated and supported us. The amount raised will truly make a big difference to Sasha’s Project and its future plans.


As for The Comical Crusaders… despite the sore bottoms, we had a blast and can’t wait to undertake another challenge for another local charity next year.”

Below: The end of a long journey and a huge thank you for all those who donated.



If you’d like to donate to GoFundMe fund for Sasha’s Project it’s not too late, just CLICK HERE!

A huge congratulations to a wonderful group of ladies and well done for raising money for a wonderful local project. We look forward to seeing more of your adventures in the future! Oh and if you’re wondering…yes, they did get their fish and chips on the beach to celebrate!




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