1900 – 1939

Fleet Carnival dates back to the year 1900 when it was first held to raise funds for Fleet Hospital. The events were more low key in those days and were accompanied by a torchlight procession. Before 1914 the carnival was run completely by horse riders and horse drawn vehicles (plus those on foot). By 1914 these were joined by Fleet Town Band (wearing a scarlet red uniform) and Wesleyan Prize Band (wearing a navy blue uniform). These celebrations continued until 1939, after which the event was cancelled.

In 1953 there was a procession organised in Fleet to celebrate the Queen’s Coronation. That revived the interest in having a carnival again and talks began to discuss the idea. The carnival was eventually brought back in 1956.

1956 – Present

In 1956 the more modern Fleet Carnival that we know today began and various attractions were added to it, as it became a week long event.

Today the Carnival is still going strong, although the individual events have changed a bit over the years. This section of our website features any articles we may have about the Carnival and takes a look back at past years events.

We’re searching for pretty much anything to add to our Fleet Carnival Archives, so if you have any information, memories, leaflets, newspaper clippings, posters, programmes, brochures or photographs from any year, we’d love to hear from you! Please check back often as we are adding more details all the time.

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