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Harlington Funds – Just What Are You Paying For Now?

HARLINGTON FUNDS UPDATE JUST WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR NOW? CONFUSION OVER HARLINGTON'S FUTURE...AGAIN The Harlington debate takes another turn this month as confusion grows over Fleet Town Council's plans for the entertainment venue. The future of the centre has been at the heart of discussions that included the...

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Gurkha Square Set For Development

GURKHA SQUARE SET FOR DEVELOPMENT BUT FLEET TOWN COUNCIL DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW PUBLIC OPINION TO BE IGNORED IN DEVELOPMENT PLANS The battle to save Gurkha Square has been a long one with residents making their views on the councils plans to build a new Harlington centre on...

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Pedestrianisation – We Have Lift Off!

FLEET PEDESTRIANISATION SCHEME THE NEW FACE OF FLEET CONTROVERSIAL PEDESTRIANISATION SCHEME BEGINS Houston, we have lift off! After all the talking, the arguing and the 'love it or hate it' marmite style opinions plastered all over social media, Fleet's controversial and much talked about pedestrianisation scheme launched today.Below: Road...

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Fleet Traffic Diversions Update

FIVE MINUTE READS... PEDESTRIANISATION ROAD DIVERSIONS NEWS ON THE GO! Back in July, there was mention of a possible pedestrianisation scheme in Fleet High Street to enable greater social distancing in the town, in line with government guidance. The plans were set to go ahead on Monday 27th July...

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Harlington U Turn as Council Backtracks

COUNCIL BACKTRACKS ON REFURB DESPITE ASSURANCES TO LOCAL RESIDENTS LATEST HARLINGTON UPDATES The seemingly never-ending saga of the Harlington development took another turn recently as it appears that once again, Gurkha Square may be on the hit list for development. The news came after Fleet Town Council distributed their...

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High Street Pedestrianisation Date

FIVE MINUTE READS... HIGH STREET PEDESTRIANISATION DATE NEWS ON THE GO! A date has at last been given for the much debated temporary pedestrianisation of Fleet High Street. From the 24th August, Fleet road will be closed between Church Road and Victoria Road, with road diversion signs in place.Hart...

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Full Steam Ahead For Pedestrianisation

CONFUSION OVER PEDESTRIANISATION COUNCIL FINALLY MAKES UP ITS MIND! FLEET HIGH STREET PEDESTRIANISATION There has been complete confusion recently, after Hart District Council announced that temporary pedestrianisation plans for the High Street were to begin this week. It was considered a done deal as 400 leaflets were printed up...

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