Every town has its local issues and Fleet is no different. For Fleet’s Sake, gives you the chance to bring those issues to light in a location where local residents and Councillors come face to face. We also post information about any building developments related to the local area.

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Gurkha Square Declared an Asset of Community Value…But Is It Safe?

GURKHA SQUARE DECLARED AN ASSET OF COMMUNITY VALUE... ...BUT COUNCIL STILL REFUSES TO GIVE UP REDEVELOPMENT PLANS ASSET OF COMMUNITY VALUE BID Below: Wikipedia's definition of an Asset of Community ValueOnly 21 signatures were needed to back the Asset bid and we were blown away by the support, with...

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Local Issues & Developments

Fleet Bus Timetable Changes

COVD-19 Ransomware Attacks

Free Bus Passes Extended

Parking Charges Suspended

Storm Ciara Hits Fleet

Fleet Power Cuts

Drink and Drug Driver Gets 30 Months for Fleet Accident

Gurkha Square Declared an Asset of Community Value...But Is It Safe?

Thefts From Cars Morrisons Elvetham Heath

Power Cuts in Fleet

Accident in Fleet High Street

Travellers Evicted as Hart Consults on Allowing Permanent Access

Travellers Break Into Former Fleet Police Station

Fake Deaf Charity Scammers Operating in Fleet

PayPal Scam and Action Fraud Email Warning

Warning After Fleet and Church Crookham Burglaries


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