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Devastating news tonight as the popular local area, known as Casear’s Camp, is ablaze. Fire crews from multiple areas are attending as they battle what is proving to be a widespread fire just off Bourley Road.

Although it isn’t known how the fire started, there has been speculation that campers in the area may have contributed to the blaze amid reports of possible Chinese lantern sightings, with flares going off just before fire crews attended the scene.

Below: The fire at Caesar’s Camp. Photo taken by Hartley Wintney Fire station, as they stated it was a “Long fire front, being fought in difficult conditions”.

Below: A drone image of the fire, taken in Church Crookham. Credit: Katie Ryalls.

Reports are starting to come in from the fire stations attending the scene as the blaze is fought under what has been described as “difficult conditions” in an area approx 150m x 150m.

Below: Fleet Fire Station, Hartley Wintney Fire Station and Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire Control:

Local resident Angela Smith managed to take a video of the fire, which appears to have spread since it was first reported earlier in the evening:

Below: Caesars Camp fire, video taken by Angela Smith.

With reports coming in from residents in multiple towns of red skies and the smell of burning, it’s clear that this is a large scale event. Our thoughts go to the firefighters out there tonight and we can also only hope that the loss of wildlife is minimal. Either way, a truly awful way to start the new month.

Updates to follow.


After the devastating scenes last night, Fleet Fire Station posted the following update this morning:

“Last night Duck Norris was sent to a large fire at Caesar’s Camp between Fleet and Aldershot. The strong winds coupled with the location of the fire made access difficult but crews from Rushmoor Fire Station, Hartley Wintney Fire Station and Bordon Fire Station 03 worked hard to prevent the fire spreading. No injuries were reported. Crews are expected to be there dealing with hotspots for some of today.”

They also posted a few more images of the fire:

Below: Images of the fire from the night before. Credit: Fleet Fire Station.

The fire was extinguished just after 2am this morning after firefighters battled it since just before 10pm. It took the efforts of multiple fire stations and the military to dampen the flames, as they battled strong winds and tough terrain. Thankfully, it has been confirmed that the none of the cattle in the area have been harmed.

Local resident Morna Bell walks in the area on a daily basis and took these photos of the aftermath of the fire. Despite the damage to the area, there seems to be a positive attitude from most who have seen it, as it was thought the damage could have been much worse.

Below: The day after the fire. Credit: Morna Bell.

There has been no official comment on the cause of the fire, other than a statement saying that it would be very difficult to pinpoint and that the it remains unclear. It is thought unlikely that this will change.


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