Alan Hope. UK leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party and local Fleet Town Council Councillor, has triple cause to celebrate today, as he achieved three personal milestones this week…and what better place to celebrate than his favourite haunt of The Prince Arthur in Fleet!

Alan Hope celebrates with friends and Loonies! Prince Arthur pub, Fleet Hampshire. 16th June 2019.

The triple celebration was to commemorate not only Alan’s 77th birthday on 16th June 2019, but also the amazing achievement of reaching twenty years as leader of the infamous Monster Raving Loony Party, making him Britains longest serving political party leader. The party became famous for its colourful and unique image with Screaming Laud (David) Such as its leader up until his death on 16th June 1999, when Alan took over the reigns.

Below: Birthday card from ‘For Fleet’s Sake!’, celebrating Alans 77th birthday and 20 years as Loony Leader.

Celebratory 77th Birthday and 20 years as Loony Leader Card from 'For Fleet's Sake!
Celebratory 77th Birthday and 20 years as Loony Leader Card from 'For Fleet's Sake!

And the third celebration? Alan first visited the Prince Arthur pub in 1999, 20 years ago and when he moved to Fleet in 2005, he declared that as his favourite watering hole. He likes it so much that he has made over a whopping 3000 visits since!

With such loyal patronage, it was a fitting gesture to be presented with an inscribed silver tankard on behalf of JD Wetherspoons by manager of the Prince Arthur, Stuart Merricks.

Below: Presentation of inscribed tanker by Prince Arthur Manager, Stuart Merricks. 

Alan Hope celebrating with a bottle of Monster Mash, (Loony Beer!) and the silver tankard, presented to him by the Prince Arthur Manager Stuart Merricks. June 2019 Fleet Hants.

Below: Alan’s double celebration cake was delivered with a loud chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ to celebrate with the popular Loony Leader.

Double celebration cake presented to Councillor Alan Hope in the Prince Arthur Pub, Fleet. 16th June 2019.

With a colourful history that includes many celebrities and famous politicians, Councillor Hope has achieved a level of recognition that few others would dare dream of. But Alan Hope wasn’t born a politician. In fact he had quite a few incarnations along the way, including sharing his musical talents with the public in his stint as singer, with his stagename “Kerry Rapid”.

Below: Kerry Rapid lives again! With his rock ‘n roll history, what better way to celebrate than by treating everyone to a song. Alan performs “Mack the Knife“ to rapturous applause from the audience…he’s clearly still got what it takes!

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Councillor Alan Hope celebrates his 77th birthday and 20 years as Loony Leader status by giving everyone a tune. 16th June 2019.

Below: Alan Hope aka Kerry Rapid.

Alan Hope's earlier incarnation as singer Kerry Rapid.


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Below: Photo credits: Alan Hope, Gillian Evans, Tina Hoffman

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