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What’s here?…well quite a lot actually! This website is all about Fleet in Hampshire and is privately run by local residents. It can’t cover everything – and doesn’t claim to – but it does set out to offer a number of key areas which we truly hope local residents (and anyone interested in Fleet), will enjoy, find helpful and hopefully even join in with. It looks different and we are different! so bear with us as we grow and add more content to the site.


I know, it doesn’t sound very interesting but ‘For Fleets Sake!” was born out of a couple of Facebook groups that existed (and still do exist), to cover local issues and put local people and local politicians in touch with each other.

It’s easy to ignore what goes on locally, mainly because information is often hard to access and let’s be honest, who has time to go and search for the latest shenanigans of the local council? Far easier to ignore it…which is fine until something happens that you don’t really like but of course by then, it is too late to object.

At FFS (yup, it’s short for ‘For Fleet’s Sake!” and is quite therapeutic when needed)…we are strong believers in talking to local politicians and getting them to reach out to local residents on social media and online. Politics has changed a lot in recent times and many people want to know more about what goes on in their town…we’re here to just try and bridge the gap, making it a bit easier for everyone by cutting through the waffle and jargon.

During the recent local elections, we achieved a first with our Facebook group, by encouraging and attracting a number of electoral candidates from all different parties to come and talk to our members directly – and we’ve had even more join us since. The beauty of this of course, is that it’s easy, user friendly and you can reply or post when it’s convenient to you, not to someone else. No rushing to local Council meetings when you’re trying to get the kids to bed, or writing long winded letters to various people over and over again. Residents can talk to their representatives in one location – and Councillors can reply for all to see, bringing a transparency to local politics that is very much needed in this age of distrust and suspicion.

We got some really positive feedback during the elections, with our members saying that it really helped them to have this kind of access to the candidates, as well as other established local politicians. Because of this, we decided to try and expand that idea, offering an online platform where you don’t have to join social media but can have access to the information and people that really matter to you – Councillors and residents all welcome! Of course you are still very welcome to join our group on Facebook too…just click the link below.



Fleet Local Politics HQ

For Fleet’s Sake Facebook Group


Local history can be a fascinating topic, even to those who aren’t initially drawn to the subject. It only takes one old photograph to show you how something you consider so familiar today was once very different indeed.

There quite a few groups around who enjoy studying and sharing information about the history of Fleet, but we’re hoping to try and undertake something quite different. It’s going to be quite a challenge and of course it’s not possible without you but we are going go try and offer a glimpse into the past, in a format that is both different, fun and informative.

Please bear with us while we work on this. Data is going to be added all the time and if you have any photographs, publications, stories or information to add to our archives, we’d love to hear from you. Full credit will be given to all images etc you share with us.

There are going to be two ways to view our archives, either in a visual timeline where you can literally scroll back through time, or an address search, as we map the history of individual locations. Please feel free to take a look and see what we are hoping to achieve!



Fleet Timeline

Fleet Location History

Fleet Business, Schools and Churches


This idea is a bit of an experimental one and whether it grows or fades into the distance, only time will tell! In every town there are those who aren’t prepared to sit back and stay quiet and Fleet is no different. Local issues and a familiar environment often provide the ideal platform to speak up and make a change, creating often emotive topics locally.

Whether fighting against change, or encouraging it, local people don’t always find it easy to make their voice heard when they need it the most. So, it’s for this very reason that we are saying…if you want to help Fleet, then we want to help you!

If you’ve looked around the site, you will see that we have profiles for our local councillors, to help you recognise who does what and how to contact them. On each profile you will also see a section of related posts and pages, bring all the information about someone together. As a Fleet Supporter with something to say, we are offering you the very same thing. This isn’t meant as a short term project and anyone applying for a website profile would have to be committed to staying and  getting involved locally. But, if accepted, you can show your page off with all your details on and add any significant updates as a related post on your page.

So if you’re making a difference in Fleet, let us know!



Fleet Supporters


Every town has its highs and lows and Fleet is no different. Our Blog Articles and quick “Five Minute Reads” cover all kinds of topics and can just as easily consist of items like major building developments in town, as it can potholes and dog poo…yup they are all real and valid examples!

Keep track of local issues, read the latest news and views, rummage through our different categories and check back regularly!




Five Minute Reads

Local Issues and Developments


Every now and then you want to cut through the waffle and get an alert out to the local community that is clear, concise and to the point…and that is precisely what our Alerts and Warnings section does.We also have an associated Facebook page and Twitter account for quick notifications, so check them out when you can and follow us.

The Local Newsletters section covers all the local Councils, as well as some local organisations.We will update them as often as we can for you, so you can access everything easily and conveniently in once place. If there is another Newsletter you think we should add, just give us a shout!



Alerts and Warnings

Local Newsletters


One of them main aims of this site is to give a voice to local residents. Some may not be on social media, some may find it an intimidating environment to post on and some may just lack the confidence to speak up. Fleet Speak is a section for reader’s letters…emails written by local residents saying whatever is on their mind. Share some news, offer thanks or praise, ask a question or have a big old rant, the choice is yours!



Fleet Speak! Reader’s Letters


Commenting on posts, adding your thoughts to the readers letters sections and sharing info is great…but we want to give you more! The whole idea of this site is to bring people together and get everyone talking, so all members of the site will have access to a forum where they can discuss relevant issues and take part in group discussions.

The best way to see it is to look, so sign up for a free account and wander on over!



The Forums


If you run a local club, charity or voluntary organisation that is non-profit based and for the local community, then we’d love to hear from you. If your group fits the bill, we’d like to offer you a space on our website to  tell everyone in Fleet just why they should come and join you!

We also have a section where we will be featuring advice about –  and lists of – animals welfare organisations and who to contact when you really need them the most. This is one of the only sections that will show organisations outside of Fleet but if they still cover this area, we will let you know about them.



Fleet Clubs and Groups

Local Animal Welfare

Fleet Charities & Voluntary Organisations


To comment and take part in the site, you are required to sign up for a (totally free!) account. It doesn’t take long and will get you a whole host of benefits when browsing the site, hopefully making it a more fun experience for you. If you’d like to know more then checkout the link below and we hope you join us!



Membership Details


But it doesn’t end there. We celebrate local fame with Fleet’s Famous Faces, look at Local Events and Diary Dates to remember and wander around Things To Do in Fleet…of course this is all a work in progress so please bear with us and we have tons more to add for you!



Fleet Famous Faces

Things To Do in Fleet

Events and Diary Dates


There are lots more links and goodies on the site – we’ve only just started but we hope there is enough to keep you interested, entertained and informed! Some bits will work and some won’t, so the site will shape itself over time and find its feet. We’d really love to hear from you with your thoughts, opinions and suggestions (be kind!), so give us a shout if you’d like to reach out. Either way, thanks for taking the time to visit us, don’t be a stranger!

©2016 - 2020 For Fleet's Sake! (FFS).  Please do not take or reproduce information or images here without permission.


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