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As we previously reported, there’s a new face in town and it’s called Chimera VR and as they open their doors to the public today, we take look inside the virtual reality business.

The owners of the gaming centre, Robbie Richmond and Rob Mockridge, were kind enough to send us an invitation to a pre-opening before the big launch, so of course we said yes please!

Zoe Peach went along to the opening on behalf of FFS, with her husband Jason and son Charlie, to take a look around the facilities and see what they had to offer…


There are a range of games suitable from around 8 years old to 80, there really is something for everyone! They use Oculus S headsets, which run on PCs, no additional earphones are required as the sounds are built into the headset itself.

There are 22 ‘game squares’ in the building – 10 in the reception area and 12 in other room. There are also plans to add an additional 8 squares that will be seated, so you don’t have to hold handsets as the special headsets will map your hands for you – a handsfree version if you will! This allows your entire body to move as one on the screen, so look forward to that!

You can see what the player sees by looking at the screen above them as they play:

Below: Jason walking the plank (rather funny!)

Below: Charlie playing ‘Beat Saber’, where the player slices blocks representing musical beats.

Below: A group shot of the players in the room, each immersed in their own worlds!

Below: One of the owners of Chimera VR, Rob Mockridge, explains a bit about the business.

A selection of the available games can be seen on the large screens:


To make a booking or to learn more about Chimera VR just take a look at their website. It is recommended that you book before going there. You can also take a peek at their very impressive five star rating on Tripadvisor!

The building is located at 165 – 167 Fleet Road, at the end of the High Street where the old Bathstore shop used to be.

There are staff on hand to help you with all enquiries who are equally good with children and adults! They can tell you all about the available games and let you choose which suits you best.

On entry you will be asked for your name and number, masks will be made available for those that don’t have any and there is hand sanitiser on the door too.

As well as VR tournaments, corporate functions and educational experiences, you are welcome to book your parties (for adults or children!) at the venue. I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular birthday venue so you’d better get booked in quickly!


Taking a look around Chimera VR!


So after visiting Chimera, what were the overall opinions?…

Zoe says:

“The feeling of walking a plank was quite unnerving! It’s light hearted fun and there are games to suit everyone, it’s the fun of playing games but with exercise!”

Jason says:

“I found it very polished, it’s a good set up. Nothing has been spared on the tech”.

Charlie says:

“I don’t want to leave!” (The more he played, the more he wanted to play!)

Oh and for any of you that plan on visiting during Halloween, there will be lots of spooky scary games for you to enjoy! So with Chimera VR opening today, when will you be visiting?

You can follow Chimera VR on their Facebook Page. or their website!


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